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SPR # AKNX5HMR97Fixed in 6.5.5; 7.0.1 release

Product Area: Client Technical Area: Embedded Applications Platform: Win XP

SPR# AKNX5HMR97 - Error: "One or more of the source document's attachments are missing. Run fixup to delete the document in the source database. Error found attempting to quit." was displayed during the initial creation of a document. Once the document has been saved and you go back in to edit the embedded object you will not receive the error and the document/changes will be saved correctly. These error messages have been fixed in 6.5.5 and 7.0.1.

Technote Number: 1095532

This issue was reported to Lotus Software Quality Engineering and was thought
to be addressed in Notes 6.0 and indirectly fixed in Notes release 5.0.11.

However, it appears to have only been partially addressed in Notes 5.0.11 and
6.0, and has now been found to continue to occur when embedding Microsoft OLE
objects. For example, the following steps recreate the issue with Microsoft
Excel objects but not Lotus 1-2-3 objects:

Attach a document other than an Excel file.
Embed a new Excel object.
Type some text into the Excel worksheet.
Switch back to Notes and save the document.

Note: The issue can also be recreated when embedding objects from file, but
the steps to recreate will additionally require updating and saving the object
prior to switching back to Notes and saving the document.

After attaching the desired file(s), save and close the document, and then
re-open it and embed the desired OLE object(s).

NOTE: If there are any issues in saving updates to the OLE object, avoid using
In-Place Editing (double-clicking) on the object and instead right-click on the
object and select Open to open the object within a full window of the native
application. After updating the object, select the File, Close and Return menu

Supporting Information:

Note that there are additional circumstances in which the same error message is
observed. For further information, refer to the document titled "One or More
of Source Documents Attachments Are Missing..." when Two Users Access Same
Attachment" (#: 187338 ).

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Last Modified on 12/14/2005

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